Culinary Tutor

My love of cooking started in my early teens and I regularly cooked for my family. I have structured some specialist courses for teenagers and young adults to nurture a love of cooking and give them essential skills for the rest of their lives.

Inspired by my travels to Sweden, I have created two specialist classes where I will share some wonderful traditional dishes for you to recreate at home.

I am also available for one-to-one adult coaching in basic cooking techniques and menu planning.



Saturday mornings classes for
children aged 12 – 16

Price £25 per session


Three hours of basic cooking skills at which you will cook a two course family meal for 4 to share at home.

At the beginning of the first session, we will discuss our likes and dislikes and our normal food choices and further sessions will be structured to encourage a varied menu and introduce new dishes and cuisines for the family to try.


Get cooking at your first year at Uni or away from home for ages 16 and upwards

Price £100 for 4 sessions
including follow up email support

Four three hour sessions of intensive cooking skills to prepare you for that first year away from home. Dishes that can be prepared quickly and cheaply using good quality healthy ingredients, meals to share with friends, budgeting and planning.


Two specialist courses focussing on traditional Swedish dishes and Swedish baking.

Price £50 per person including lunch.  Maximum six per session.

Learn the secrets of this interesting cuisine with two specialist four hour classes.  The first covers classic Swedish dishes including curing and pickling and hearty main courses.  The second covers some wonderful baking techniques to produce mouthwatering breads and pastries to have with coffee, also known as “Fika”